Why Use Microsoft Power BI?

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3 min readMay 2, 2022


Power BI is a comprehensive analytic solution that seamlessly integrates Microsoft products together to analyze data in an organized and intelligent manner. The benefits of Power BI are numerous, however let’s highlight a few below:

  • Cloud-based

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics application that allows you to see all of your crucial company data in one place. Using a live dashboard, you can monitor the health of your business and produce powerful interactive reports with Power BI Desktop, or with native Power BI mobile apps, you can access your critical data on the go.

  • Customizable Security Features

Report developers can use row-level security (RLS) access filters to guarantee that readers see only the data relevant to their role, reducing the danger of anyone accessing data they shouldn’t.

  • Real-time Dashboards

Power BI offers real-time dashboards that allow you to keep track of your business, retrieve analytics, and see your key performance indicators (KPI) in one spot. Dashboard visualizations can be created from a single dataset or multiple underlying datasets or reports. Dashboards can incorporate data from both on-premise as well as cloud sources to provide a consolidated view regardless of where the data is stored and automatic notifications can be configured to be triggered when the data goes above or below a specific value.

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  • Artificial Intelligence

Power BI provides that ability to develop machine learning models from image and text analytics that interact with Azure Machine Learning.

  • Drag and Drop

Power BI provides a simple drag-and-drop interface and features that allow you to duplicate formatting across comparable visualizations.

  • Integration with Cortana

Power BI integrates with Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant whereby users can obtain charts and graphs by stating inquiries in plain language which is especially beneficial for people who utilize mobile devices.

  • Streamlined Distribution and Publication

Analysts upload reports and visualizations to Power BI’s service instead of emailing or putting them on a shared disc so that data is refreshed anytime the underlying dataset is changed.

  • Data Access and Insights

Migrating an existing on premise Power BI system to the cloud removes memory and speed limits allowing for data to be retrieved and analyzed in a more efficient manner. Power BI also allows the user to execute inquiries and create reports without the need for IT technical assistance because it comes with a powerful natural language interface and simple graphic design tools.

  • Platform Agnostic

Mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 are readily available for Power BI so that you can connect on various platforms.

Payoda and Power BI

Like Microsoft Power BI, Payoda’s approach is simple and easy, yet powerful. We can get you started today on extracting insights from your data to begin making more informed data-driven decisions.

Payoda Technologies has helped some of the world’s most innovative companies implement Power BI in and we can do the same for your business.

Please reach out today to connect with us and learn more about how Power BI can provide you with confidence to make better decisions today.

Authored by: Sritharan Chellachamy
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