The Importance of Mobile Responsive Testing and its Challenges

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Website Testing and its importance

Rules and Guidelines for Responsive Design Testing

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Checklist for Responsive Design Testing

  1. Development Compatibility

Creating a Testing Strategy for Mobile Responsive Web Design

Device Selection, Parallel Testing, Frequent Reviews

  • To fine-tune your responsive testing device coverage, utilize your own customer data along with mobile device market data. Examine your web traffic metrics to determine which devices and browser combinations are preferred. Those are the combinations you should be testing on.
  • Performing side-by-side testing of the mobile and desktop websites is an important aspect of your responsive web design testing approach and it improves testing efficiency.
  • Once a quarter, you should review your device, operating system, and browser combinations to ensure your testing is in line with consumer needs and market share data.

Visually Test Your Code

Check Site Navigation on Different Devices

User Condition Testing

Create actionable test reports for responsive testing

  • The option to filter only the failed combinations
  • Useful information from the failed test, including Screenshots, Debug logs for the platform, Network logs, and videos should be provided.
  • With a robust, comprehensive report, developers will be able to swiftly troubleshoot the issues.

Different Approaches to Testing Responsive Websites

Changing Browser Dimensions


Dev Tools

Online Responsive Checker

Benefits of Building a Responsive Website



Enhanced User Experience

Optimized Traffic

Ease of Maintenance

Impact on Google Ranking

Mobile Responsive Websites vs. Mobile Apps — Which is better?

Mobile websites — Immediate Availability

Mobile Website Cross-Device Compatibility

Mobile Website - Immediate Updates

Mobile Websites - Easy Search

Mobile Websites — Simple Exchange

Mobile Responsive Testing

Responsive Application Testing and AWS

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Payoda Technology Inc

Payoda Technology Inc

Your Digital Transformation partner. We are here to share knowledge on varied technologies, updates; and to stay in touch with the tech-space.

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