The Cost of Inadequate Testing of Software

Why should software be tested?

To understand why we need to test software applications, we must understand the consequences of not testing software, some of which are mentioned below.

• Excessive Expenses

• Delayed Product Launches

• Unsatisfied Users

• Reduced Brand Reputation

To avoid the above-listed consequence, and to deliver a quality product, testing is necessary.

How does quality assurance contribute to overall success?

Involvement of software testing in requirement reviews and feature refinement: This ensures the identification of some of the specification defects even before their implementation. It significantly reduces the fixing cost. Also, the QA gains significant project insight at this stage which, in turn, helps them during the execution cycle of the project.

QA working closely with the system designers: It will increase a test engineer’s understanding of each part of the design. Moreover, it will help in reducing the risk of fundamental design issues and allows the identification of errors at an early stage. Moreover, it also improves the quality of integration scenarios and results in a superior quality of defects.

Having testers work closely with the development team: When testers work closely with developers, it enhances their understanding of each part of the code. It further enables testers to do more effective testing against customer requirements thereby decreasing the risk of defect slippage. Testers also become aware of areas that are considered high-risk by the developer so they can adjust their priorities accordingly. Moreover, developers also get the tester’s insight. This helps them to replicate defects raised easily, without going through a lengthy defect management process.

Testers verifying and validating the software before release: This helps in finding errors that otherwise may have gone unnoticed and supports the process of eliminating the defects that caused the failures. The execution of tests at the various levels of quality assurance makes sure that the software will have fewer errors and also meets the customer’s needs most of the time.

Goals of testing:

• To identify defects

• To reduce defects in the component or system

• Increase the overall quality of the system

There can also be a requirement to perform software testing to comply with legitimate requirements or industry-specific standards. These rules and standards can specify what kind of techniques should the quality assurance engineers use for software testing. For example, the automobiles, avionics system, medical, and pharmaceutical industries, etc., all have standards covering the testing of the product.

Significance of testing:

Software testing is a necessity since it discovers defects before the delivery to the user, which guarantees the quality of the software. It makes the software valid and easy to use.

Thoroughly tested software ensures valid and high-performance software operation.

For example, assume you are using a Net Banking application to transfer the money to your friend’s account. You start the transaction, get a successful transaction message from the bank, and the money also gets deducted from your account. But, your friend confirms that his/her account has not received any amount yet. At the same time, your bank account is also not reflecting the reversed transaction amount. This will surely make you worried and leave you an unsatisfied customer.

Now, the question arises, why did it happen? It is because of not testing the software in such scenarios before release. Thorough testing of the application in all possible scenarios would lead to early identification of such problems encountered in real life. Therefore, one can fix it before releasing it to the customer for a smoother experience.

Testing’s contribution to Project Success

In the above example, we can observe that due to the presence of bugs, the system failed to perform the required operation and didn’t meet the end-user expectations. Testing methodologies applied to each test level, along with a proper level of test expertise, ensures that such software issues and in turn failures are a rarity.

Author: Sritharan C

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