Nourishing the Practice of Quality Assurance

  • Get involved in DevOps operations
  • Cloud-hosted application testing
  • Find ways to increase the percentage of the application that is automated and its integration with DevOps
  • Continue to track the new evolvements in the tools that are being currently used. If the new features lessen your work, it is for the better
  • Be on the lookout for new tools that emerge with better features that do the same job as the tools that you use currently but do it better
  • If your organization has realized that decoupling of the client and the server is the way forward in designing web and mobile applications, then stress on the importance of API and services testing which will remain independent of the application in which the APIs are used, hence testing the APIs becomes more effective than testing each client individually. Get to know the best tools available in the market for API testing and build a framework that can accommodate any sort of APIs that are delivered to the test
  • Apply AI/ML algorithms to generate better test cases, automation scripts, testing data and also test reports
  • As a tester, learn to generate a wealth of data by analyzing the test result data that you have in your hands. Understand what could have caused failures, deep dive and look for root causes, coordinate with developers to make sure that it does not happen again and there are no impacts caused by the fix
  • Use predictive modeling strategies to get absolute clarity on what, when, and where to test. Use data mining and probability statistics tools such as google analytics to determine your testing efforts
  • Learn to be diplomatic and tactfully deal with situations. Do not be point-blank when you provide your statement instead make it a sort of constructive criticism. Make your reports detailed. Make the developers and product owners aware of what impact a specific bug could have on the application/end-user. Be sportive enough to collaborate and work for the greater cause, which is the betterment of the application that you are building
  • Do not limit testing to only the software that you test. Try to test the food you eat, the cinema hall that you visit, the public transport that you take. Think about how you can better what you consume and enjoy and then apply the same to the product that you test. This works wonderfully and makes testers understand the product from the end-user perspective without them even realizing the same
  • Always remember the basics no matter how much you evolve — be skeptical, develop a great eye for analyzing things, be clear in your communication, be persuasive, empathize with the end-user, identify and manage the risks in your product, prioritize and classify your test cases, be a good judge of your product and never compromise on quality



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