Introduction to Functional Web Automation with Robot Framework

  • It has easy-to-use syntax and readable keywords for the formation of the test scripts.
  • Users can reuse the created keywords in other test scripts.
  • The reports and logs are in HTML format, which is easily readable and provides a clear understanding.
  • Users can classify the test cases by tag name, so based on modules, the test execution can be kept separate.
  • We can integrate the suite with CI/CD platforms.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Even a novice can understand the scripts easily.
  • Supports the selenium library, so the test cases can call integrated keywords.
  • It supports keyword, data, and behavior-driven test cases.
  • Parallel execution is not possible with the Robot framework.
  • Report customization is not possible, because by default Robot Framework generates reports in the .HTML format.



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