Introduction to Functional Test Management with Azure DevOps

Understanding Azure Test Plans

Functional Test Scripts

Functional Test Scripts can be created and managed by clicking ‘Test Case’ from ‘New Work Item’ under Azure Boards. Each work item form provides a standard set of system fields, controls, tracking, comments, history, attachments, and links.

Reusable Shared Test Step

The shared Test Step feature can create a sequence of steps. Several different test cases can then reference this shared step. Select Test Case and click on Create Shared Steps option and create a shared step name. Using the Insert Shared Steps option, you can insert the Shared Test Steps in another test case.

Shared Parameters

Shared Parameters help users execute the same test case with different data sets. Shared Parameters can be added to test cases, and can be converted into shared parameters. The parameter can be created by adding a name preceded by “@” in the Test Steps in Action and Expected result fields.

Define Configuration

Configuration management allows users to execute test cases with various configurations, such as operating systems, web browsers, and other variations. Users can set up the configuration in the Test plans — Configuration Tab. Users can set up a new test configuration and configuration variables and use those configurations in the Test suite.

Test Plan

The Test Plan allows the user to create and execute a test suite, including test cases, and generate reports. Users can import test suites from one test plan to another within the same or different project.

Bulk Import and Export of Test Cases

Users can perform a bulk import or export of test cases from/to a test suite. Test cases exported are defined in a comma-separated values (CSV) file. It would be best to choose the Test Suite option where test cases need to be imported. The Import Test Cases from the CSV option in the Define tab can be helpful.


Test Plan — Progress Report helps you monitor the status of the test plan. Use the Filter bar to select one or more test plans from the project. Pie, Bar, Column, Stacked Bar, and Pivot table are the different report types available. Dashboard — Test widgets help track the overall progress of the test management, including test case review status, test execution, and traceability.



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