FinTech UX Design: Connecting Customers and Digital Banking Brands

How Can UX Design Break or Make the FinTech and Banking Brands?

Consumers expect digital banking products to solve their problems and make their lives easier. 63% of consumers state that the best brand is the one that succeeds in meeting their expectations, according to a study by Don Norman, an IT researcher, professor, and author. However, only 19% of companies have UX specialists familiar with fintech, and 69% of the customers who planned to leave their banks said they were leaving because of poor customer experiences rather than poor products.

Financial UX Action Plan

  1. Focus on customers’ needs by creating a customer-focused mindset at every level of the company.
  2. Understand what motivates the customer to use certain products and services by gathering digital and offline data along the consumer’s journey.
  3. Embrace a culture that is customer obsessed by taking the quality of customer experience to a new level.
  4. Focus on the emotional components of the consumer’s journey to build relationships that create brand loyalty.
  5. Integrate customer experience-based methodology in every department of a company from product development, quality assurance, marketing, sales, and product distribution.

Consumerization of the User Experience

Best-in-class websites & applications help drive a positive user experience. In terms of design, we experience it daily in our personal lives as consumers.

Optimal digital experiences are designed to:

  • Be interactive and an enriching experience.
  • Have a personalization built upon user wants and desires.
  • Minimize the need for excessive clicking and screen manipulation.

Payoda, UX Design, and Business Impact

Payoda goes into great depth to transform Fintech UX design from conjecture to positive user experiences. Payoda’s user-centered strategy has been honed and proven to provide measurable business impacts. We understand that customer-focused businesses enjoy higher revenue multiples, have greater customer loyalty and have a more satisfied and empowered workforce than their competitors who are not customer-focused.



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