Efficient and Effective Mobile App Testing

  • Helps in analyzing the issues and identifying the possible root cause of the defect. Also helps in improving the reproducibility of the issues as their root cause has been identified.
  • Helps in reducing 50% of the developer's effort in reproducing the defect and fixing it.
  • Effective log analysis helps in identifying the problematic component and in reporting quality defects.
  • Logs could help QA in better understanding the mobile app's functioning and how the code has been written, where it breaks, and which particular action causes it to break.
  • Cross-platform Interaction Testing is always recommended in order to ensure seamless communication between Android and iOS versions of the mobile app as both use different programming platforms and languages.
  • Mobile app size — always keep a tab on the app size after each release.
  • App upgrade, ensuring the app doesn’t crash on upgrade and whatever preferences the user had saved in his account with the previous version should be retained when the upgraded version is installed.
  • Since many vendors have their own wrappers, the app should support OS upgrades.
  • App permission: The app must explicitly ask its users for access to their contacts, camera, gallery, location, etc.
  • Be Proactive. Always be ready to share your views. Keep your criticisms constructive and cite how each issue or improvement that you report might be seen in the eyes of the user.



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