DevOps as a Catalyst for High-Performance Teams

DevOps Practices that bring Value to Teams

Automated Pipelines — CI/CD

  • Infrastructure provisioning is repeatable and not time-consuming
  • Infra definition can be peer-reviewed with Pull Requests just like how application code is peer-reviewed
  • Helps automate deployment and reduces the risk of human error
  • Almost 0 environment parity — Development and Test Environments identical to the production
  • All environments are of the same state — the runtime versions, web server versions, are containerization platform versions, etc.
  • Configuration drifts are automatically handled
  • The application code will work exactly the same way in all environments

Future of DevOps Adoption

Considering the pace at which organizations are adopting DevOps and Cloud technologies, the only concern at this time is — if the technology decisions related to these powerful tools, processes, and technologies are not made wisely, it could potentially have a negative impact on the overall software development project — increased cost and complexity, which is why it is important to transition to the DevOps culture with care and expertise.



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