Cyclomatic Complexity in Software Programming

  • Size
  • Complexity
  • Maintainability of software among others.
  • Issue complexity (moreover called computational complexity) measures the complexity of the basic issue.
  • Algorithmic complexity reflects the complexity of the calculation executed to illuminate the issue.
  • Auxiliary complexity measures the structure of the program utilized to actualize the calculation.
  • Basis Path testing is a white box testing technique and it ensures the execution of at slightest one articulation amid testing.
  • It checks every single one of the linearly independent paths in the code.
  • This means the number of test cases will be equivalent to the cyclomatic complexity of the program.
  • From the above table, it can be understood that even a small program logic, when taken as a whole, in combination with other interrelated functions, will have high Cyclomatic complexity. That is the reason why Cyclomatic Complexity is always measured at the function level.
  • The Industry-standard is to always keep the Cyclomatic Complexity of each function to below 10.
  • The advantage of this is that the function can have a maximum test case count (test cases that deal with the logic behind the specific lines of code) of 10. Research has proven that most computer programmers can effectively be examined and adjust capacities that are having Cyclomatic complexity less than or equal to 10.
  • Also, when the cyclomatic complexity is kept less than 10, the cognitive load on the human mind is less.
  • Helping designers and analyzers to decide free-way executions.
  • Designers can guarantee that all the ways have been tried at least once.
  • Helps us to center more on the revealed paths. Evaluates the chance related to the application or program.
  • It is primarily utilized to assess the complexity of a program.
  • If the number of decision points is more, then the Cyclomatic complexity of the code is higher.
  • In case the program has a tall complexity number, at that point, the likelihood of a mistake is also high which in turn requires extended time for support and troubleshooting.



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