10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Impact the Healthcare Industry

1. Artificial Intelligence Drives Radiology Tool Innovation

Artificial Intelligence for healthcare Drives Radiology Tool Innovation
  • Changing a radiology image into a radiology report
    Here the AI-based software is a direct support tool for radiologists: images are uploaded, and reports are generated, often with quantifiable outcomes.
  • Radiology image from raw scanner data
    Smart algorithms, such as MRI k-space, can be applied to raw data directly from the scanner. Deep imaging is another term for this.
  • Radiology report from raw scanner data
    When we start skipping steps in the diagnostic chain, things get pretty interesting. In the future, this method could be used to avoid invasive biopsies.
  • Health outcomes from raw scanner data
    Imagine being able to scan a patient and predict what the patient will face in the future.

Use Cases in AI Radiology

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Use Cases in AI Radiology

2. Immunotherapy: A Vital Cog in the Treatment of Cancer

What is the John Hopkins ImmunoMap?

3. Turning Selfies into Smart Diagnostic Tools

How artificial intelligence-assisted dermatological tools work?

4. Artificial Intelligence and Surgery

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare for surgery
CV stands for computer vision, ANN stands for artificial neural network, NLP is for natural language processing, and SP stands for signal processing.

5. AI-Powered Health Monitoring Wearables

6. Improving Medical Devices using Artificial Intelligence Applications

  • Automate tasks, synthesize data from numerous sources and identify trends.
  • Analyze and process data from wearable sensors to detect disease or identify symptoms of medical disorders in the early stages.
  • Based on medical records, predict which patients are at a higher risk of disease, complications, or bad outcomes.
  • Analyze massive volumes of data and track therapy efficacy.

Medical Devices with Artificial Intelligence Trends

  • Chronic illness management: Artificial intelligence-enabled medical gadgets could monitor patients and give treatment or medication. Diabetes patients, for example, may wear sensors to track their blood sugar levels and deliver insulin to control and keep sugar levels in check.
  • Companies using artificial intelligence in medical devices have developed medical imaging with greater image quality and clarity. These gadgets would also limit a patient’s radiation exposure.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Healthcare providers can manage data, keep patients informed, cut expenses, monitor patients, and work more effectively and efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence Guidance from the FDA for Healthcare Industry

  • Developing the proposed regulatory framework, which includes issuing draught guidelines on a predetermined change control plan (for software’s long-term learning).
  • Creating a robust set of good machine learning practices to evaluate and enhance machine learning algorithms.
  • Developing a patient-centered approach, which involves giving users access to device transparency

7. What Role Can AI Play In Medical Records Management?

8. Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Drug Development

AI through the drug development cycle

Insights into the Strategies of Competitors providing Healthcare using AI

Possibilities for repurposing drugs

Clinical trial success prediction

9. Artificial Intelligence Contributes to Diagnosis

The Role of Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare

Medical ethicists and patients weigh in on how AI uses data.

10. Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Clinical Trials and Research

Advancing Clinical Trials

Getting patients involved and learning new things

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Payoda Technology Inc

Payoda Technology Inc

Your Digital Transformation partner. We are here to share knowledge on varied technologies, updates; and to stay in touch with the tech-space.

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