Intro to Azure DevOps Pipelines

How can DevOps help your team?

DevOps enables different teams like development, IT operations, quality assurance, project management and security teams to collaborate, so they can produce stronger and more reliable products than they can with traditional software development. Organizations building a DevOps culture gain the ability to quickly and efficiently respond to their customers’ needs.

What is Azure DevOps?

Microsoft Azure offers Azure DevOps for a team to support a multitude of services, such as planning, collaborating, building, and deploying applications. It is one of the leading tools that automate continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) processes and supports automatic build and code projects to make them readily available to others.

  • Azure Boards: Deliver value to the users faster using proven tools to plan, track, and discuss work across the teams.
  • Azure Pipelines: Build, test, and deploy with CI/CD that works with any language, platform, and cloud. It connects to GitHub or any other Git provider and deploys continuously.
  • Azure Repos: Provide unlimited, cloud-hosted private Git repos and integrates them to build better code with pull requests and advanced file management.
  • Azure Tests Plans: Test and ship confidently using manual and exploratory testing tools.
  • Azure Artifacts: Create, host and share packages within the team and add artefacts to your CI/CD pipelines with a single click.

What are Azure Pipelines?

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Why should I use Azure DevOps Pipelines?

Implementing CI and CD pipelines helps to ensure consistency and helps to make sure that quality code is readily available to users. And Azure Pipelines also provide a quick, easy, and safe way to build your projects.

  • Works with any language or platform.
  • Utilizes different types of targets at the same time.
  • Integrates with Azure deployments.
  • Builds on Windows, Linux, or Mac machines.
  • Integrates with GitHub.
  • Works with open-source projects.

How do I run automated tests on Azure DevOps Pipeline?

  • Continuous integration (CI) automates tests and helps build your project. CI helps to catch bugs or issues early in the development cycle when they’re easier and faster to fix. Items known as artefacts are produced from CI systems. Continuous delivery release pipelines use them to drive automatic deployments.
  • Continuous delivery automatically deploys and tests code in multiple stages to help drive quality. Continuous integration systems produce deployable artefacts, which include infrastructure and apps. Automated release pipelines consume these artefacts to release new versions and fixes to the target of your choice.
  • Increase code coverage
  • Build faster by splitting test and build runs
  • Automatically ensure you don’t ship broken code
  • Run tests continually
  • Automatically deploy code to production
  • Ensure deployment targets have the latest code
  • Use tested code from the CI process

Defining Pipelines Using The Classic Interface (CI)

Create and configure pipelines in the Azure DevOps web portal with the Classic user interface editor. You define a build pipeline to build and test your code and then publish artefacts. You also define a release pipeline to consume and deploy those artefacts to deployment targets.

  • Configure Azure Pipelines to use your Git repo.
  • Use the Azure Pipelines classic editor to create and configure your build and release pipelines.
  • Push your code to your version control repository. This action triggers your pipeline and runs tasks such as building or testing code. (not lined up and bullet size is different.

Azure DevOps Pipeline Services and Payoda

Payoda is an IT services and technology company with North American headquarters in Dallas, Texas and global headquarters in Coimbatore, India. Payoda has been in operation since 2005 and currently has over 500 technology professionals serving a multitude of small, medium, and large enterprise clients on three continents. Our technology expertise spans from Cloud, data services, AI/ML and the web to mobility. And all of our professionals are focused on providing measurable business impacts for our clients through a variety of global engagement models to suit our client’s specific needs including onshore, offshore, and nearshore options.



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