This is part-1 of the Google Cloud Anthos Series. This is a series of blogs divided into three parts.

  1. Google Cloud Anthos and an Intro to Kubernetes. (This article!)
  2. Creating and Managing hybrid clusters using Kubernetes Engine. Creating Clusters using Kubernetes Engine
  3. Configuring Anthos for multi-cluster operation. Configuring Google Cloud Anthos for Multi-Cluster Operation

We will be creating a hybrid environment for Kubernetes using Anthos (a modern application management platform that provides a consistent development and operations experience for cloud and on-premises environments).

In this blog, we will learn about

1)What is Anthos?

2)Need for Anthos

3)Anthos real-time use cases

Nowadays, cloud is ruling the IT industry, a lot of companies are entering into cloud storage like Amazon S3, Azure blob, etc. Backblaze B2 is also a cloud bucket that is a simple, reliable, affordable object storage.

Price is also an important factor when we are moving to cloud storage. Backblaze offers an affordable price range as compared to other cloud storage.

State management plays an important role in the flutter application. It helps us to synchronize the state of all the components throughout the application. The developer needs to know the state of the application at any point in time. We can achieve this by using many approaches like Provider, Redux, BLoC, and so on. In this article, we discuss more on BLoC.

What is BLoC?

BLoC stands for Business Logic Component. It was mentioned by Google at the Google I/O and became the de facto standard for many developers to develop enterprise-grade applications. It was created based on Streams and…

Robot framework is an open-source test automation tool that handles acceptance testing.

This tool uses the inbuilt selenium library to call keywords along with the test data, and hence it can be used to cover the functional automation workflows for web applications. The robot framework is application agnostic. The core framework accepts the Python scripting language.

It has an easy syntax with readable keywords. The user can extend the libraries with Python or Java. This framework is application-independent, users can also run the developed scripts using Jython(JVM) or Iron Python(.Net).

What is Robot Framework?

Robot Framework is one of the…

Cloud has been around a while now but the deployment models and their use cases are still misty (pun intended). Business models find it hard to analyze the pros, cons, and the need for the three deployment models: Public, Private and Hybrid. This article will analyze the differences, use cases, and real-time examples for each cloud deployment model.

Public cloud:

Public cloud is provided by third-party providers and shared across organizations via the internet. Well, according to the raindrops, two make a company, and three make a cloud.


  • No responsibility for maintaining hardware and software
  • Minimal knowledge is required…

The psychological purpose of automated testing, apart from all the statistical purposes of effort and cost reduction, is that they give a sense of comfort and joy to members of the project and to the stakeholders. The comfort of continuous testing keeps everyone relaxed because, with each line of code modification or new feature built-in, the automated tests confirm whether or not there are impacts. If there are, you quickly analyze and fix them. If there aren’t any, you gain confidence and continue to build on the code. …

A mobile application is a program that is built to be used on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and wearables). With the global boom of mobile device usage in the last decade, the scope of mobile applications has also increased enormously. The mobile apps in the market currently perform most of the tasks that were previously restricted to a PC.

But testing mobile applications is not as straightforward as testing web applications. Testing of these mobile apps within the stipulated time, without defect leakage, and confirming if they provide acceptable UI, UX rendering, functional and non-functional behavior across multiple platforms and…

Traditional Rest API — Introduction

Traditional REST API provides an easier way for interaction between the client and the server via HTTP protocols with predefined data formats (json, xml, text, html). This is client-server architecture emerged in 2000 the user interface will be away from the data warehouse to make the user interface support across various platforms.

GraphQL — Introduction

GraphQL was developed by Facebook in 2012 and it became open-sourced in 2015. Unlike REST, GraphQL is a query language and the client sends requests like a query format with required data, and GraphQL returns responses in json format. …

J2ObjC is an open-source tool developed by Google, which allows sharing the of code between iOS and Android. The Java extension file is reused in iOS where J2ObjC converts java classes to objective-c classes. For example, when you return an array in a method the j2objc will translate the Java code to return a subclass of iOSArray where the objective-c gets compiled by the Xcode


  • OS X 10.11 or higher
  • Xcode 10 or higher
  • JDK 1.8 or higher

JDK 1.8 is recommended than the latest versions


Google has officially announced the Android 12 features and update in Google I/O 2021 event. This company revealed the user-facing features, including a Material You design, tweaked UI, and more, which weren’t there in the developer previews that have been released so far. Additionally, the next major version of Android is said to be more secure, personal, and work with other devices. It also comes with dozens of improvements and new privacy and security features.


New UI For Android

Android 12 brings the massive design change in Android’s history. Changed the entire user experience, from the colors to the shapes…

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